Minecraft Item elevator and bingo game introduction video

Hello, I am SAKURA.🌸

I am a Japanese who can not speak English. I am studying English using Google translation.

I'm posting Video Videos of Minecraft 's Redstone Circuit to YouTube. This time we will introduce 2 videos.

The video has English subtitles. Please turn on subtitles and see.
This article and two videos also use Google translation. I'm sorry if there was a mistake in translation.

The first video is promotion video of Minecraft item elevator.

The feature of the item elevator is the fastest, not clogged, and there is no height restriction.

The second video is a bingo game. 

When you activate the bingo machine, the item jumps out randomly. Items are used instead of numbers balls.

I am using my idea for Redstone circuit of video. I have not seen the same Redstone circuit on YouTube in Japan.
Is there the same red stone circuit as the video in the world?

I am happy that people who play bingo games with Minecraft will spread to the world.
I hope that the Minecraft item elevator will work normally in the world.

The video of how to make redstone circuit is linked to the page of YouTube.
The audio of the video is in Japanese. The audio of the video is speech synthesis.

I am glad if you enjoy watching the video.

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Bye bye (^_^)/~